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Independence, step by step

An important aspect of being a Tcollege partner is having a reliable partner yourself. With our franchise model, we not only support you in your leap into independence, but also at any time afterwards.

Take the leap into independence with our step-by-step model
Phase 1: The decision
  • Briefings, answering your questions
Phase 2: Choosing a location
  • Consideration given to your particular wishes and objective location criteria
  • Location analysis covering socio-demographic data material (population density, social structure, household income, purchasing power, pupil potential etc.)
  • Final selection of the location
Phase 3: Financial planning
  • Required starting capital: dependent on cost structure of the location
  • Covering costs (breaking even): based on experience, from six to nine months, depending on location conditions
  • Payback period: based on experience, roughly 2 years
Phase 4: Property search
  • Looking for a suitable rental property
  • Assessment of the property in terms of layout and usage capacity
  • Consultation for queries relating to rental contract
Phase 5: Training
  • Introductory seminar before launch
  • Training sessions focused on specific topics (e.g. professional consultation for parents, the basics of business administration)
Phase 6: Launch
  • Support in planning and organisation
  • Help with finding and selecting staff
  • Recommendation of targeted marketing campaigns



Learning difficulty involving numbers

Teaching is supported by an award-winning, scientifically proven learning programme (Maths as a system)


Be part of a lucrative business model
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