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17.09.2015  Grand Opening - Tcollege sets up its first tutoring school in Ljubljana / Slovenia

On Thursday, September 17, 2015, Sasa Percic, head of the new Tcollege School, presented the tuition offer as part of a festive opening.

Sasa Percic welcomed at the Open Day, the founder and owner of Tcollege International,
Stephan and Rose-Marie Nüesch from Switzerland.

At the opening the numerous guests were offered an entertaining program with speeches and culinary delights. Each visitor also received a small gift.

Information about the Tcollege offer can be found on our homepage or by phone with the number 059 33 44 33.

Under this number it can also be agreed on a personal consultation with Sasa Percic.

The Tcollege Director says: "It doesn't matter whether the problem is in Mathematics, Slovenian, English or Physics: We help in almost all cases. Striking grade improvements in more than 90 percent of all Tcollege students are the best argument for our tutoring concept."
More information can be found here!



Learning difficulty involving numbers

Teaching is supported by an award-winning, scientifically proven learning programme (Maths as a system)


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