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Learning skills
About us

Learning skills

For pupils who need to gain effective learning skills to become confident in the classroom and in exams.

Steps towards effective learning techniques and more confidence at school:

  • Be aware of your own learning behavior in the “problem” subject
  • Learn techniques to participate actively in the “problem” subject lessons and to learn information independently.
  • The aim is to process information independently and to apply what you have learnt.
“How will I ever learn this?” or “No matter how much I learn, it all makes no difference!” − comments of this type are often made by pupils who are preparing for their next class test in maths or who need to learn English grammar rules in time for their next school lesson. This insecurity is often combined with actual bad grades in the corresponding subjects.

The aim for every pupil is to break through this vicious circle of frustration and demoralisation and to use the right learning techniques to finally be given the grades they deserve.

Number of lessons per month

  • 4 × 90 min. in small group (2–5 pupils)
  • or by arrangement

School levels

  • All school levels

Lesson expenses

The expenses are dependent on how often your child will participate in our lessons.

The best thing to do is to phone or e-mail the Tcollege institute in your area.

The school management staff will be happy to establish how much support is needed and give you specific price information – which will, of course, be fully non-binding.



Learning difficulty involving numbers

Teaching is supported by an award-winning, scientifically proven learning programme (Maths as a system)


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