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Tutoring alongside school work
About us

Tutoring alongside school work

For pupils who are aiming for efficient and permanent improvement or stabilisation of their grades in one or more subjects or who need to close gaps in their knowledge.

Four steps to consistently improved school grades:

  • Consultation with the pupil and the parents: the pupil’s deficiencies and objectives are discussed
  • Compilation of customized learning schedule for the selected lesson subject
  • Continuous reworking of the current school content
  • Result: Gaps in knowledge are closed up and deficiencies are corrected systematically
Intensive training for current school subjects, tying up loose ends or preparation for class tests, exams and advanced schools.

Number of lessons per month

  • 4 × 90 min. in small group (2–5 pupils)
  • 4 × 45 min. individual lesson
  • or by arrangement

School levels

  • All school levels

Length of course

  • 3 months or by arrangement


  • Mathematics
  • Native language
  • Foreign languages
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Additional subjects by request

Lesson expenses

The expenses are dependent on how often your child will participate in our lessons.

The best thing to do is to phone or e-mail the Tcollege institute in your area.

The school management staff will be happy to establish how much support is needed and give you specific price information – which will, of course, be fully non-binding.



Learning difficulty involving numbers

Teaching is supported by an award-winning, scientifically proven learning programme (Maths as a system)


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